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Production Data Acquisition

We are offering two different systems for the acquisition of production data, which we can adapt to the needs of our customers. In essence, both systems consist of
  • input terminals located at the production machines
  • computer for data collecting and data storage
  • software tools for system configuration and maintenance
  • software for data evaluation and visualization
  • data interfaces to external database systems



BDE Terminal

BDET was developed for the machines of backend-production-lines. The machine terminal features 15 freely configurable keys for signalling the machine status and a piece number counter.
An arbitrary number of terminals can be connected to the data-acquisition-host by a serial bus-system.

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AWIS Terminal

The system AWIS was developed for the machines of frontend-production-lines. The machine terminal features 10 keys for setting the machine status. Using a an adaptable interface, the machine can also directly signal its status to the terminal. Up to 12 terminals are connect to a control-unit. Again, up to 40 of these control-units can be connected to the data-acquisition-host. The evaluation software can combine the data of several different host systems.

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