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Visualisierung eines Wafer-Mappings Bildverarbeitung Statistische Auswertungen

Software is a main part in our equipments. It's responsible to manage and control all the hardware components to a efficient running closed system.

Moreover, we offer our experience and know how for programming hardware from external suppliers. Beyond it, we cover a widespread part of the customers assembly lines with our powerful tools.

Examples are:

  • Equipment control for semi- and fully-automatic alignment equipments
  • Real time control for taping equipments
  • Visualization and editing of wafer measurement data
  • Validation of pre charges
  • Statistical analysis of production data
  • Analysis tool for operation and production acquisition data
  • Lot data management
  • Data and control interfaces to equipments and devices of well known suppliers of automatic production equipments

Software for Windows

With the powerful Borland Delphi we develop software for the complete range of MS-Windows platforms. Moreover we have well founded experience with further development systems and programming languages like Borland C++ Builder, Visual C++, Visual Basic and LabView. With this repository of know how and experience we use the following techniques for comprehensive projects:

▪ Analysis & Design: UML
▪ Source management: CVS
▪ OS/Platforms: MS Windows (NT, W2000, XP), OS9, OSx
▪ Bus systems: Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB, RS-232, RS-485, GPIB, CAN/CANOpen, IC, SPI
▪ Databases: Oracle, Paradox, MS Access, all other SQL DBs
▪ Architectures: 2-tier, 3-tier (MIDAS, DataSnap)

▪ Industrial image processing
▪ Digital signal processing
▪ Drive of PC internal and external measurement technique
▪ Drive of motor controls
▪ automatic version control of the software
▪ multilingual graphical user interfaces (GUI)(German, English, Czech , ...)

Especially the usage and combination of UML, CVS, OOD (Object Orientated Development) and standard components are responsible for cost and time effective development and high quality standards.

Real time environments

If the customer's requirement is an effective real time capability for measurement- and control-tasks, we use DIMM-PCs which we program on the platforms Microware OS-9/X86 with Ultra C/C++. Those DIMM-PCs are equipped with our own hardware periphery, especially for such cases. Alternatively we also develop for Sorcus boards on the platform Turbo Pascal or Turbo C.

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