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Laser Soldering Station LASO

[Downloads Laser Soldering Station]

Many opto electronic products are assembled with several components like laser, monitor diode, prism, spacer, lens and fiber. Some of these components are to be aligned under operating condition before fixing them with gluing or soldering (active alignment). There are some advantages in soldering to gluing. It's faster, no drafting of the components, exactly batchable and much more easier to handle.

BAUER Engineering developed a modular laser soldering station (LASO) which is adjustable to customized requests. As source are used 1 W light power semiconductor laser. These lasers are arranged in a Array. The maximum assembled light power is 160 Watt Both the light power and the switching time are adjustable exactly up to 4 groups. The power is transmitted and focused to the soldering area via fiber optics.

This Laser unit is also applicable in material processing and quality assurance applications. Especially where exactly batched amounts of energy are to be transmittet in a short time.

In addition to the laser soldering equipment, we manufacture customized fiber bundles with focusing optics.



940 nm

Fiber output power

Laser Class IV
Option 24V: 10W (max. 15W) per array
Option 48V: 20W (max. 30W) per array




Interlock (key, electronical, mechanical

Fiber bond

glass 125m, NA = 0,37

Pulse length


Period length


Pulse count


Current setting


Temperature control



TTL (Remote Control), RS232, CAN


100..240 VAC, 8.2A, 50 or 60Hz


Controller 485 x 485 x 135
Array box 400 x 155 x 400

Datasheet:  download pdf  laso_datasheet_v100.pdf (189 kb)
Operation and service manual:  download pdf  laso_op_manual_v400.pdf (494 kb)


Übersicht Laserlötanlage Laso

Foto Laserlötanlage Laso

brief description (german): laso.pdf

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