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Modular LED-Testing System ATOS-MO

[Flyer ATOS-MO]

ATOS-MO is a modular on-line LED test system, designed to meet various test conditions and requirements in an economic way. Altered test requirements need adaptation of just one or two modules, whereas the other ones continue to be useable.

By applying proper test boards, it allows testing LEDs with any package. The current sources are bidirectional, so multi-LEDs with common cathodes as well as common anodes can be tested. By means of an optional function generator the current sources may be pulsed. Even current profiles are possible, for instance to simulate an application where the LEDs are supplied by a rectified AC-source.


Figure: ATOS Rack with Modules

Overview:  download pdf  atos_mo.pdf


Photo: USMO3 TFT USMO-3 with TFT

Power supplies suitable for LED- and Laser-Testing.

Overview:  download pdf  atos_power_supplies.pdf

USMO-3:  download pdf  usmo3_flyer.pdf

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